Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prada Spring: Seen It Somewhere...

Meet my Vietnamese nail lady.

Or, consider this look

and Ms. Swan...

Professionally, I would say the following:

Prada's Spring is all about regressing into the innocent world of storytelling and soft pajama looks with tunics that falls casually across the body. Check cloths and lose cuts that adhere to the Prada aesthetic of form and function.

Now, with the markets in a flux, politics hinged on the affects of a jester, and when fashion isn't too sure if there is something more, she's sent us all a warm comfort. It's a return to a safe time. When people read stories to their children and people wore pajamas to bed because they had time to prepare for bed and not collapse into it at night. This isn't fashion all sex-ed up and women's right polished and cut out in shaped and tight forms. Here's she's back, as a lose figure, a regression into a time when the world wasn't based on what warning level the airports were operating on and being outside felt as safe as being in one's bedroom.

But we all know the truth.

Photo Credits: Marcio Madeira


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